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Although the majority of the population are Muslims, they often incorporate animist beliefs and practices into their religious practices as do the Christian minorities.Interfaith marriage is common as is the practice of having different members of the family following different faiths.Since they think in terms of context, they search for the rationale behind behaviour.They examine behaviour in its total context, not merely what they have observed.

The Joola live mainly in the lower Casamance valley. There is a small Lebanese minority who are generally merchants.To the Western mind the amount of time spent in greetings may appear unnecessary or even wasteful (especially in business) they are used by the Senegalese to feel one with each other and achieve a sense of group harmony.As indirect communicators, the Senegalese use a lot of proverbs, sayings, analogies and metaphors when speaking, especially if what they have to say is delicate in nature.Although there are over ten ethnic groups in Senegal, five are predominant.The largest group is the Wolof who cluster in the northwest and centre of the country.

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Wolof is also spoken in Gambia and Mauritania and is the native language of the ethnic group of the Wolof people.

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